Our approach is simple,

we make sure your Things get connected to you, all the way.

Let's say you have a Thing.

It could be a truck, a fridge, a battery, even a football – more or less anything.

You want to be able to access your Thing anywhere you are.

Maybe to set an alarm, get statistics or to find out where you’ve lost it.

We offer a complete solution for everything between you and your Thing.

This is how we do it:

We provide you with gateways to be installed at or inside your Thing. These gateways read and write the information you want to be shared.

When suitable we employ wireless sensor and access modules to connect several Things to one gateway.

The communication is set up together with a network provider to secure transfer of data and control over your system.

The information is received and stored on a cloud server, accessible by any type of application from you or your partners.

We develop and design user friendly apps to control and monitor your Thing from any type of device.

Voila. You and your Thing are connected.

We implement your entire IoT system, or just the parts you need.

Get in touch, and we will tell you more.